Everything in marriage will flow from the couple’s spiritual union with God.  By its nature, prayer will, little by little, conform us to God and form us into the persons God made us to be.  In a Sacramental marriage the couple ask God to perform what is essentially a miracle and to unite them.  This brings the couple into a union which is analogous to the Trinity.  In God, three Persons are united; in marriage, two human persons are united by God, so there is a man, a woman, and God.  

The call to married life is a call to sanctity, to become saints.  All too often people think of marriage as a lesser vocation.  Marriage is a call from God to a particular way of life designed specifically to make each of the persons into saints.  The saints in the Church have served God in a variety of ways, but it is not the works they did that made them saints; it is their heroic love for God and neighbor that made them saints.

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