Marriage is above all a spiritual union.  God unites the souls of the couple in a spiritual bond, but the couple must also follow through with what they have asked of God.  Having asked our Lord to be at the center of your marriage, it is now the couple’s task to make God the center of your marriage.   He created you with a free will and, therefore, you must choose for yourselves what the priorities in your marriage will be.  If God is your first priority, all other priorities will fall into the proper position.  

Because a married couple is spiritually united, whatever one person does spiritually affects the other person.  If one sins, the other spouse is not guilty of sin, but the sin of one spouse pulls the other down.  At the same time, if one spouse does something that builds up the spiritual life, the other spouse is positively affected by this.  Therefore, if one or both spouses can attend daily Mass, even one or two days of the week will be of immense benefit to the individual, to the couple, and to the marriage.

Similar to the offering made by God, on the day of marriage, the husband and wife offered everything, they offered their whole person to one another.  In the sign of their marriage, this offering is renewed.  In this offering, each person offers his or her entire self to the other and, together, they offer the gift of their entire selves to God.  The vow in marriage is to love the other; therefore, the physical expression of that vow must be an act of love which seeks only the good of the other. 

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