Jesus’ words spoken at the consecration are absolute: “This is My Body”; “This is the chalice of My Blood.”  The words spoken in the marriage vows are also absolute: “I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.”   It is often difficult for us to believe someone could and would actually love us in an unconditional manner.  Of course, this should also cause the married person to consider the vow he or she has made and ask, “Do I love my spouse as I have vowed?”  

Love is a virtue.  This means it does not change, even when our emotions change.  When love grows it does not change – it develops and perfects.  Love, by its nature, either increases or decreases, but it never remains the same.  Sometimes it may feel like our love is going the wrong direction because of the struggles and difficulties that arise in marriage.  But, if one continues to seek only what is best for the other when it is difficult, this is when the love is proven and when it excels.

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